Top 10 Things at Home Quarantine During Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Make good house rules

Firstly, you have to create simple house rules. Make sure that there is the participation of all members when you make it. It is better if you assign a task according to their choice so that everyone accomplishes it happily. You may add reward points for their tasks. Then hang it up in the common space of your house.

2. Drink water sufficiently and wash your hands

Lukewarm water is good to fight against germs and the virus does not like warm things. Use lukewarm water for drinking and washing perhaps. Water helps to minimize the dryness of your mouth and keep you hydrated. Proper hydration keeps your body and mind fresh. Wash your hands properly at least for 20 seconds. Use the medicated soap in this coronavirus time.

3. Skill Development for Study and Work

When you study or work at home, limit your screen time cautiously. Spending too much time on the mobile, laptop, gadget is resulting in poor eye vision. Use it in a rational way.

    Student: Most school, college, and university programs are offering e-learning. If not, try to study with some free online practice books according to your level.

    Professional Person: if possible continue your professional work or make a good plan for future development.

    Business: If possible continue your business work. Try to develop ideas to enhance the growth of your business.

Remember, this is a very good time to develop any kind of skills during the home quarantine. It can be any new skills that help in your professional/business development. And when you will be back to normal life, you will be proud of those special skills. Skill needs everywhere and skill depicts values everywhere.

4. Cooking

Good health and shape are basically driven by healthy food. It is the utmost important thing that you have in practice throughout your life. Eat healthy to live healthy. In this coronavirus time, everyone stays home and needs to cook more eventually. You can try to make different recipes with the help of different cooking channels on YouTube or recipe books. Another good idea is to keep engaging with someone who is not used to cooking. They may help you by helping in the kitchen. That feels amazing when they have a little contribution to your dish. Do not forget to appreciate it while you are having it.

5. Reading & News

Read whatever you like to read happily. Make a habit to read every day, especially at bedtime. Keep updated about the current affairs and the situation all over the world.

6. Cleaning

Beside House cleaning, try to clean your usable stuff on a regular basis. It does not take much time. Just wipe up the gadgets, table, chair, lampshade, books that you use. Make sure to wipe baby toys every day.

7. Workout

Fitness plays a vital role in being healthy. Exercise helps to boost up your immunity and self-esteem. And to enhance the immunity level, you have to eat healthy food and do some exercise. You can’t go to the gym in this situation. So spend some time on free-hand exercise, yoga, Pilates. You can engage other family members to join you. It can become a fun time for everyone that gives immense pleasure.

8. Me Time

It is your world and do what you would love to do. Indulge in some kind of a hobby. It can be taking a nap, writing, reading, crafting, painting, socializing through different apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.), making phone calls to say hello to your friends and family members, gaming, watching TV, personal care of your hair and skin.

9. Family Time

Staying at home isn't always as fun as you think it is. Spending time with your family can be great fun for you and everyone. Let me tell you some fun activities that you and your family can do to pass the quality time.

     • Watch good movies and recommend it to others.

    • Play board games

    • Have a conversation by group video with other family members who are not staying with you.

    • Perform something or do chores altogether or share good jokes that bring smiles to all.

    • Make some good plans for the outing in advance so that you can avail it when the outbreak of coronavirus is over.

    • Listen to each other and discuss different matters. Try to encourage for helping others

    • Make Origami. • Start a project combining the hobbies of family members.

    • Create an obstacle course game to compete with your family members if you have kids.

10. Relaxation

Relaxation is an important part of your daily life. Spend some time on it. It helps you to keep your mind fresh. Performing prayer, listening to music, and doing meditation are great ways to calm down your anxiety and distracted from the cause of stress.

In this crisis time due to coronavirus, we hope this article helps you to organize your daily life in a healthier way. It reduces the level of depression and enhances your inner power to face an unusual situation during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you just stay at home and waste your time lethargically, you will regret afterward. Health and shape blog assists you to shape your life incredibly. You can see the difference if you can follow this for a week.

Good luck! Be healthy be happy!

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A big <LIKE> for this article - thank you!!!

Tamanna6 months, 1 week ago

"Start a project combining the hobbies of family members" - this is such a powerful tool for nurturing family relations...I wish could see your article before, well it's never too late ;)

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